If you like your fantasy heavy on the worldbuilding but ultimately character driven, if you like your sci-fi more focused on what it means to be human than warp drives, if you like your horror to be unnerving before it's gory, and if you like your everything to have lesbians in it:
you've come to the right place.

Short Fiction

Currently Available

Lady in Waiting - 6,700 words, Fairy Tale Fantasy

Jennie knows that the royal family are doing everything they can to break the curse upon Princess Lorelei, and that it's not her place as a mere gate guard to question them. But with the supply of both princes and empathy running low, she cannot sit idly by and abandon Lorelei to eternal slumber.

First published in Issue 10 of the now-defunt SERIAL Magazine, "Lady in Waiting" has been reprinted in Mirrors Reflecting Shadows, an anthology by Outcast Press, Roi Fainéant Press and Anxiety Press, with proceeds benefiting the Trevor Project.

White-Tail Lies - 3,000 words, Surreal Horror

"This unique, arresting piece is a breathtaking metaphor for the closeted queer experience." - Jessica Scott, We Who Walk Here

Georgie does her best to keep her mouth closed, for when she speaks, there's always the chance she could say something that's not entirely true, and everyone knows there's nothing uglier than a lie.

Available in Coppice and Brake, an anthology by Crone Girls Press.


The Wreck of The Endurance - 5,900 words, Science Fiction

Angela and Jiahao have given everything to pilot the Starship Endurance, but when their journey to become the first explorers of an exoplanet is interrupted by something they cannot comprehend, they are forced to grapple with just how much they have left to give.

Forthcoming in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Current Project

While short fiction remains Friedrich Sarah's focus, he is also currently working on a novel-length Political Fantasy Bildungsroman.